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Domyślnie [POL]>[ENG] Aleksander Fredro – Małpa w kąpieli

Ja pokusiłam o dokonanie tłumaczenia "Małpy w kąpieli" na język angielski.

Aleksander Fredro Monkey in bath

Funny Monkey that she dare to
When she might fake human being
Seeing lady ones in bathroom
Hide in corner – quite unseen.
Lady went out, closed the door
Monkey joker – let’s get work!
Taking lady’s swimming cap
And mirror
Jump directly into bath.
Keeping turning taps so fast!
First in left, then in right
From below, and from above,
Until drop came off the hose.
Monkey’s thinking-“I have fun!”
Whoopee! divers, returns, pirouttes,
Jokes and pranks
Till water stir up !
But something is getting warm…
Not a Little… It’s so hot!
Easy peasy! Stupid isn’t
She can handle it:
From hot is coming
The finger install in.
"Ah! Quick!It’s steaming! "
Not to waiting for
Has to run at hoc!
Monkey hightail
Steam behind her - right on tracks
Just up to back
It’s not joking! Burning feet…
Fast through window..Clink! Ends run!
Only fingers were hurt bad
Funny monkey is so glad.
Usually happens in her life.
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