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cases when temporary mail can be useful

Spam protection. This mailbox fex.plus free email [url]https://fex.plus/[/url] is best used for registering on any unreliable site — for example, give it to the WiFi network provider at the airport (not very relevant in quarantine, of course, but sooner or later such a life hack will definitely be useful to someone) or to any potential spammer and pre-sales fan.
Getting access to a free course or program. I tried using temporary mail to extend access to the trial versions of IQBuzz and PressIndex, and when I finally decided on one of them (it was IQBuzz, who cares), I registered the only software I needed to my main mail. In General, since then I have been testing everything on temporary mail.
To check development and e-mail marketing. You often need to check the quality of the functionality or the display of the developed email — and temporary mail helps you save time and quickly sort out possible problems yourself.
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