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be all in sb's/ the mind- to be sth that only exists in sb's imagination
be in/of two minds about sth/abt doing sth- be unable to decide what yout think abt sth, or whether to do sth or not,
be of one/the same mind (abt sth/sb)- to have the same opinion abt sth/sb
have a good mind to do sth- used to say that you disapprove of what sb has done and should do abt it, although you probably will not, for example: I'v a good mind to write and tell your mother about it.
have half a mind to do sth-used to say that you think you will do sth, although you are not sure
have mind of your own- to have your own opinion/make your own decisions without being influenced by other ppl.
put/set/turn your mind on sth- to decide you want to achieve sth and give this all your attention
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