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Dominika93 08-11-2014 15:47

Idiomy, zwroty, wyrażenia ze słowem "set"
1. a set of sheets- komplet prześcieradeł
2. set square- ekierka
3. set point- piłka setowa
4. set up- otworzyć interes
5. set of wind- kierunek wiatru

gosia85 08-11-2014 16:06

Idiomy, zwroty, wyrażenia ze słowem SET
be set in concrete- if an arrangement, a plan or a rule is set in concrete, it is completely fixed so that it cannot be changed (usually negative)
set something down and put something down - to place something on the surface of something or
to write something on paper

baszar 08-11-2014 19:34

the rot sets in - situation starts to get worse

set tongues wagging - to cause people to start gossiping

set one's house in order - to make certain that one's affairs are in proper legal order

set in concrete - firmly established and very difficult to change

paulinao 08-12-2014 20:21

set something to music - to write a piece of music to accompany a set of words
set (the) alarm bells ringing - if something sets alarm bells ringing, it makes you feel worried because it is a sign that there may be a problem
have one's heart (dead) set against something - to be totally against something, to be opposed to something
set the scene for something - if you set the scene for something, you make it possible or likely to happen
set someone's teeth on edge - [for a scraping sound] to irritate someone's nerves / [for a person or an idea] to upset someone very much

UlicaMalamutt 08-14-2014 11:25

set one's heart against something - to become totally against something
set someone on fire - to excite someone
set off alarm bells - to warn of trouble
set sail - to begin a trip on a ship
set the stage for something - to prepare the way for something to happen
set the record straight - to put right a misunderstanding

MoonBearKing 08-14-2014 11:50

set in stone - firmly established and very difficult to change
set someone's mind at ease (about someone or something) - to make someone feel mentally comfortable about someone or something
set one's (own) price - to name the (relatively high) price at which one is willing to sell something

paulinao 08-17-2014 14:45

set in train - if you set in train an activity or an event, you make it begin
set/start the ball rolling - to do something which starts an activity, or to start doing something in order to encourage other people to do the same
put/set the cat among the pigeons - to do or say something that causes trouble and makes a lot of people angry or worried

monika8911 08-17-2014 20:11

be (dead) set against sth*/*against doing sth
to be strongly opposed to sth: Why are you so dead set against the idea?
be 'set on sth*/*on doing sth
to want to do or have sth very much; to be determined to do sth

Ianthe 08-17-2014 20:33

set sth on fire - podpalać coś
set sb to work - zapędzać kogoś do pracy
set one's mind on sth - uprzeć się na coś

zuzaa 08-18-2014 09:13

set something in a type face

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